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Equip your leaders with the tools to succeed

Through leadership coaching, I help your future, new and existing leaders feel more confident and better prepared for their roles in your organization.

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Some recent headlines as to why that matters:

→ Managers say they lack training, and 44% feel overwhelmed at work
→ Employees feel managers aren’t helping them develop skills, survey shows
→ Leaders must effectively learn to manage up, down and sideways to improve business impact

In today’s lean and virtual environments, the human element often gets lost. Lost to busywork. Admin. Meetings. Product or service trainings. And when you lose the human element – your team members lose the ability to feel heard, to feel valued, to feel fulfilled.

I work with members of your team to improve their communication, home in on their strengths, identify blind spots, overcome current challenges, and flourish in their roles.

I coach in real time – so they can make a bigger impact during and after our time together – for themselves, and for your organization.

IIf you’re ready for your high-potential employees to have a bigger impact in your organization, schedule a free 30-minute consultation call today.

Leadership coaching is right for your team if:

  • You want to be more proactive in your approach to creating a ready-to-go pipeline of skilled leaders
  • You want to engage, retain + equip high-potential employees with leadership skills that prepare them for future roles
  • You want to build a new or current leader’s skills and communication in managing up, down and sideways
  • You want your leaders to be able to delegate and remove obstacles from their path, and be able to do that for those they work with and/or manage
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QuotationCoaching and mentoring are crucial components of Judy Berman's leadership approach. She excels at creating a work environment where employees are encouraged to build on their strengths to provide the best benefit to the company's mission and to themselves. Judy works well with diverse groups of people and is very adept at assessing and building talent. Her individual coaching emphasizes long-term progress and development, within the framework of company goals and strategy. Judy's rare combination of intellect and compassion set her apart as a uniquely gifted mentor."
—Anne C. Lepore, Marketing Content Manager, Aerotek