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Take the guesswork out of the next step in your career

There was a point in your career when you loved your job – but something happened – and now you’re at an internal crossroads.

Judy and Business Woman

And while you may be actively entertaining the idea of options – you’re hesitant to make a move because you don’t want to make a mistake in terms of fit.

But here’s the truth: doing NOTHING is your enemy.

My philosophy: Life’s too short to be stuck in a bad match.

I believe everyone brings a unique set of strengths and preferences that needs to be matched to a role and culture in the workplace to feel truly fulfilled – and that’s where I can help as your career coach.

What makes my coaching different?

It’s built around The Harrison Assessment – a tool that helps you find the ideal match in your current or future workplace.
Think of it as a way to discover your “workplace DNA” – what makes you ‘you’ in the workplace, what your strengths, values, predispositions, preferences, blind spots and motivators are.
When we work together, we use your results as a jumping off point to create a custom action plan + coaching path – and together we’ll identify and prepare for opportunities, positions and environments where you can truly flourish.
If you’re ready to make more informed decisions before you take the next step in your career, schedule a free 30-minute consultation call today.

Career Coaching is right for you if ...

  • You’re career has ‘stalled’ and you’ve been passed up for one or more promotions.
  • You don’t feel you are getting what you need from your team or manager.
  • You’re looking to successfully transition into a new career or position.
  • You’ve begun to feel like where you are now just isn’t the right fit anymore.
  • You may be looking to take on a leadership role, but not sure if management is right for you.

Judy and Business Man

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QuotationI worked with Judy for more than a decade at The Wall Street Journal and I wouldn't be where I am without the special brand of 'tough love' that she continues to give me as my coach."
—Robert Jackson, Vice President, Client Services, iControl Universal Collaborative Solutions