Business Meeting Signature offer: 12 session package for leadership coaching (need name)

Who’s it for: Organization wants to invest in coaching high-potential people; all work is done with the individ (exception: “check-in”)

Timing: 6 month program - 2x a month with individuals selected; monthly retainer per individual selected

Investment: $800/month retainer (per individual)


1. Intake from designated parties (actual leader, their managers, their HR, etc) + Harrison link
2. Identifying goals + outcomes we’re working together for
3. Employee + manager fills out mid-point questionnaire (about changes seen from both sides) + discussion around that


1. More effective leadership from their high-potential people
2. Grooming individuals for the next level of leadership
3. Helps with succession planning (developing others to be ready in pipeline)
4. Provides individual development tied to their individual preferences – highly customized approach to training + development specifically targeted to that individual’s strengths, development opportunities